Photo of Katja Seim

Katja Seim

Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

Research Interests: applied microeconomics, industrial organization, entry, information goods, nonlinear pricing

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Katja Seim is an Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at the Wharton School, specializing in applied microeconomics and industrial organization. Her research focuses on two areas. First, she studies how firms make product introduction and entry decisions, how they assess the competitive implications of different market entry strategies, and how public policies and regulatory interventions shape their choices. A second focus of her research is nonlinear pricing, primarily in the context of communications and information industries.  Specific topics she has worked on in this area include consumer adoption of online services; consumer choice among the commonly offered nonlinear pricing plans for such services; and the effect of entry on the characteristics of such sophisticated pricing strategies. Her research has been published in leading journals such as American Economic Review, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Marketing Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, and the Rand Journal of Economics.

Katja received her PhD in Economics from Yale University and her undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics from Franklin & Marshall College. At Wharton, Katja teaches Managerial Economics in the MBA program and an undergraduate elective in public policy design and regulation, including antitrust.  Before joining Wharton, she was on the faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.