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Photo of Jean-Fran├žois Houde

Jean-Fran├žois Houde

research interests: industrial organization, applied econometrics, energy and consumer finance markets

Business Economics and Public Policy

Public policy considerations occupy an increasing portion of managers' time, especially in the global arena. The leaders of tomorrow must be able to perform policy analysis as well as integrate policy issues into their general management thinking. Bringing a wealth of theoretical tools and practical experience to bear on the relationship among business, government, and society, Wharton's Business Economics and Public Policy Department has been an innovative force in research, teaching, and public service. Areas of faculty expertise include deregulation and privatization, technology, public and urban finance, and international industrial policy.

Members of the Business Economics and Public Policy faculty have held presidential appointments on federal regulatory commissions, been managers in large corporations, held research appointments and fellowships in government and not-for-profit think tanks, serve on the boards of many corporations, and provide consulting services to international and U.S. government agencies.