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Applied Economics Job Market Candidates

Placement Officer: Ulrich Doraszelski Email Santosh Anagol
Ph.D. Coordinator:  Professor Fernando Ferreira Email Santosh Anagol
Graduate Administrator:  Diana Broach Email Santosh Anagol

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Faculty Advisors

David Muir
Email Santosh Anagol
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  • Quantitative Marketing
  • Empirical IO
  • Pricing
  • Consumer Search
  • Consideration Set Formation
  • Choice Modeling
Price Obfuscation and Consumer Search: An Empirical Analysis

Katja Seim

Jean-Francois Houde

Maria Ana Vitorino

Anita Mukherjee
Email Santosh Anagol
Personal website
  • Public Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Law and Economics
  • Behavioral Economics

Do Private Prisons Distort Justice? Impacts on Time Served and Recidivism

Fernando Ferreira

Olivia S. Mitchell

Jeremy Tobacman

David S. Abrams

Jillian Popadak

Email Santosh Anagol
Personal website

  • Corporate Finance
  • Law and Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Applied econometrics

A Corporate Culture Channel: How Increased Shareholder Governance Reduces Firm Value

David Musto

Mark Duggan

Roni Michaely

Michael Roberts

Todd Sinai

Daniel Sacks
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Personal Website
  • Industrial Organization
  • Public Economics
  • Health Economics
Physician Agency, Compliance, and Patient Welfare: Evidence from Anti-Cholesterol Drugs

Ulrich Doraszelski

Katja Seim

Mark Duggan

Robert Town

Yiwei Zhang
Email Santosh Anagol
Personal Website
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Household Finance
  • Applied Microeconomics

Consumption Responses to Pay Frequency: Evidence from 'Extra' Paychecks

Jeremy Tobacman

Daniel Gottlieb

Judd Kessler

Nick Roussanov