Research Papers / Publications

  • Lionel Fontagne, Ann Harrison, The Factory-Free Economy (2016).  
  • Jing Cai, Ann Harrison (Working), Industrial Policy in China: Some Unintended Consequences?.    Abstract
  • Fernando Ferreira, Patrick Bayer, Stephen L. Ross (Work In Progress), What Drives Racial and Ethnic Differences in High Cost Mortgages? The Role of High Risk Lenders.    Abstract
  • Fernando Ferreira, Anthony DeFusco, Joseph Gyourko, Wenjie Ding (Work In Progress), The Role of Contagion in the Last American Housing Cycle .  
  • Benjamin Hyman (Work In Progress), Firm Mobility and the Economic Development Effects of Location Subsidies: Evidence from a Large-Scale State Tax Credit Lottery.
  • Benjamin Hyman (Work In Progress), Imported Inputs and Overestimated TFP Spillovers: Backward Linkages from FDI Revisited.  Abstract
  • Patrick DeJarnette (Draft), Effort Momentum (Job Market Paper).    Abstract
  • Suresh Naidu, Yaw Nyarko, Shing-Yi Wang (2016), Monopsony Power in Migrant Labor Markets: Evidence from the United Arab Emirates, Journal of Political Economy
  • Amanda Chuan, Anya Samek, John List (Work In Progress), Do Financial Incentives Induce Unequal Parental Investment Across Siblings? Evidence from a Field Experiment..  Abstract