Department Information

Our department consists of a group of applied microeconomists who do research and teaching on business economics and public policy relevant to business. We train students to use economic tools to analyze problems in business and public policy. We provide a foundation for achieving an improved understanding of the relationship between government and industry, which is critical in an environment in which the public sector influences virtually all private sector transactions.

We prepare undergraduates, MBAs, and doctoral students for the sophisticated and demanding strategic interaction of the private and public sector. Our program seeks to deepen understanding of these processes, to develop, disseminate, and apply new tools of analysis to assist decision-making that is mediated through the public sector.

The Business Economics and Public Policy Department is increasingly focused on serving as coordinator of the community of scholars in applied economics at Wharton, on strengthening the School’s intellectual life through our seminar series and PhD workshop. We conduct applied economics research directly focused on deepening our economic and strategic understanding of this evolving area of political economy.