Photo of Kent Smetters

Kent Smetters

Boettner Professor

Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

Research Interests: public economics, applied theory, finance

Links: CV

  • Felix Reichling, Kent Smetters (Forthcoming), Optimal Annuitization with Stochastic Mortality Probabilities (Forthcoming, American Economic Review).    Abstract
  • Florian Scheuer, Kent Smetters (Under Review), Could a Website Really Have Doomed the Health Exchanges? Multiple Equilibria, Initial Conditions and the Construction of the Fine (Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Journal).    Abstract
  • Kent Smetters, Xingtan Zhang (Working), A Sharper Ratio.    Abstract
  • Daniel Gottlieb, Kent Smetters (Under Review), Lapse-Based Insurance.    Abstract
  • Daniel Gottlieb, Kent Smetters (Under Review), Grade Non-Disclosure.    Abstract
  • Julia Li, Kent Smetters (Working), Optimal Portfolio Choice with Wage-Indexed Social Security.  
  • Shinichi Nishiyama, Kent Smetters (Working), Richardian Equivalence Under Asymmetric Information.    Abstract