Photo of W. Bruce Allen

W. Bruce Allen

Professor Emeritus of Business Economics and Public Policy, Regional Science, and Transportation

Research Interests: freight demand theory, impact of transit investments, railroad and motor carrier economics, supply chain management/logistics, transportation regulation


PhD, Northwestern University, 1969; BA, Brown University, 1964

Recent Consulting

The Importance of the Parcel Industry, 2006; The Impact of the General Aviation Manufacturing Industry on the US Economy, 2006; Input-Output modeling of the Panama Canal on the economy of Panama, 2002-2004; Fiber optics easements on rail right of way, GRA Inc., 2002; Value of rail right of way case, GRA Inc., 1996-present; Motor carrier antitrust case, GRA, Inc., 1994; Railroad and logistics problems, Gellman Research Associates, 1989-92; Rail versus pipeline rates, Arkansas Power & Light, Energy Transportation Systems, Inc., Houston Lighting & Power, 1989-90; State Motor Carrier Regulation, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1989-91

Career and Recent Professional Awards; Teaching Awards

Anvil Award For Teaching Excellence, 1991; Miller-Sherrerd MBA Core Curriculum Teaching Award, 1984

Academic Positions Held

Wharton: 1968-present (Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Graduate Division, 1995-2000; Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Undergraduate Division, 1994-95; Chairperson, Public Policy and Management Department, 1988-92; Director, Wharton Transportation Program, 1980-present). University of Pennsylvania: (Chairperson, Graduate Group in Transportation, 1986-90; Director, University Center for Transit Research and Management Development, 1984-85). Previous appointments: Roosevelt University; Northwestern University

Other Positions

Brookings Economic Policy Fellow, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1972-73

Professional Leadership 2005-2009

Editorial Advisory Board, Transportation, 1984-present; Editor in Chief, Transportation Quarterly, 2001-2004

Corporate and Public Sector Leadership 2005-2009

Board of Directors, Railtex Inc. 2001