Juuso Toikka

Juuso Toikka
  • Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
  • Associate Professor of Economics

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Juuso Toikka is an Associate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at the Wharton School and an Associate Professor of Economics (by courtesy) at the School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania. His research is in the field of microeconomic theory, specifically in game theory, contract theory, and the economics of intellectual property rights. A central theme in Professor Toikka’s work is the focus on the role of information in shaping cooperation and competition in dynamic economic and social situations. His recent research studies team incentive schemes that guarantee good performance in a wide range of settings.

Professor Toikka received his PhD from the Stanford University in 2010. Prior to joining Wharton in 2018, he was first an Assistant Professor and then the Gary Loveman Career Development Associate Professor of Economics at MIT. Toikka has also taught as a visiting professor at Harvard and Yale. He is currently an associate editor at the American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, and Theoretical Economics, and has served in that role at the Journal of the European Economic Association.

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Current Courses

  • MGEC611 - Microeconomics For Manag

    This course establishes the micro-economic foundations for understanding business decision-making. The course will cover consumer theory and market demand under full information, market equilibrium and government intervention, production theory and cost optimization, producing in perfectly competitive and monopoly markets, vertical relations, and game theory, including simultaneous, sequential, and infinitely repeated games. Finally, we will wrap up game theory with an application to auctions. Students are expected to have mastered these materials before enrolling in the second quarter course: Microeconomics for Managers: Advanced Applications.

    MGEC611001 ( Syllabus )

    MGEC611002 ( Syllabus )

    MGEC611003 ( Syllabus )

    MGEC611004 ( Syllabus )


Latest Research

Tianjiao Dai and Juuso Toikka (Draft), Robust Incentives for Teams.
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