MBA Requirements for the Major

Pass/Fail elective courses cannot be counted toward the major. Four credit units in Business Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) are required. Students may seek approval to have one of the four credit units be from other departments of The Wharton School or in other schools of the University. Courses in health care, energy, the environment, taxation, and international finance have been approved for the major in the past. An advanced study project (BEPP 893) may be taken as one of the four credit units.

The following courses have been offered in recent years:

  • BEPP 704: Financing and Managing Government
  • BEPP 710: Firms, Markets, and Public Policy
  • BEPP 761: Risk Analysis and Environmental Management
  • BEPP 763: Energy Markets & Policy
  • BEPP 770: Introduction to Business Economics and Public Policy
  • BEPP 772: Urban Public Policy and Private Economic Development
  • BEPP 773: Urban Fiscal Policy
  • BEPP 789: Nations, Politics, and Markets
  • BEPP 805: Risk Management
  • BEPP 811: Risk and Crisis Management
  • BEPP 812: Markets for Pure Risk
  • BEPP 823: Business Insurance and Estate Planning
  • BEPP 824: Social Insurance
  • BEPP 853: Actuarial Statistics